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Qualified Retirement Plans

We are a comprehensive financial planning practice that’s been working out of Grove City, PA for almost 20 years. Our team is committed to building a long-term relationship with businesses and their employees so that we can help them manage their risks and meet their goals. We provide personalized service and behavior coaching to help them continue to make good decisions through all of life’s challenges and opportunities. We manage over 30 retirement plans with this commitment to exceptional, local service.

We diligently research retirement plan platforms and are committed to regularly evaluating recordkeepers. We have built strong relationships with local third-party administrators to ensure that our plan sponsors have access to the wealth of knowledge they need to navigate the regulatory requirements of a qualified plan.

We are the first point of contact for our plan sponsors and their partner in managing their fiduciary duties to the plan. We efficiently connect them with the proper party or resource to get them the answers they need. We regularly monitor investments through Northwestern Mutual’s own independent criteria to ensure that all available options meet high standards of good quality investments. This rigorous monitoring process provides means for us to make recommendations for changing the fund lineup as necessary. We assist in plan design and review the plan statistics at least once per year to evaluate employee engagement with the plan. These regular reviews allow us to make recommendations for changes designed to encourage enrollment or increase savings amounts to assist employees with achieving their retirement goals.

We are committed to educating employees through various means, depending on the plan sponsor’s desires. We frequent our various plans to provide on-site, large group employee meetings as well as one-on-one consultations. We also provide “lunch and learn” opportunities for employees to hear more about a particular topic tangential to investing, like Social Security or estate planning. In other cases, we leverage virtual meeting tools to meet remotely with individuals as well as groups.